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A very good drug, the best in its line. When compared with group analogs, this drug has the longest effect (36 hours), the effect does not weaken when alcohol and fatty foods are taken, convenient forms of drug release of 5, 20 and 100 mg can be selected for any patient, from small to large !

Very well tolerated by patients. Ideal for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and lower urinary tract symptoms in benign prostatic hyperplasia. Long-term use of "Synthroid" in a dosage of 5 mg (more than 6 months) daily not only improves erectile function, but also improves urination.

  • An effective drug in its class
  • Has side effects
  • Take strictly according to the indications, and as directed by the doctor

Synthroid is the only IFE-5 drug that is included in the European Guideline for the treatment of lower urinary tract syndromes associated with BPH. The drug justifies in practice and this appointment. Its unusual property as an inhibitor of Rho kinase opens up broad prospects for its administration to patients with CP.

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0 It is advisable not to combine alcohol
0 An expensive drug that not everyone can afford
0 A high enough price scares away incompetent patients
0 Can be prescribed exclusively by a urologist-andrologist!

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The price is somewhat high. Although, given the efficiency, it is quite acceptable. The drug synthroid in a dosage of 5 mg, even with prolonged, constant use of the drug (more than a year), is well tolerated, in rare cases, the side effects that arise did not require discontinuation of the drug.

The effectiveness of the drug is beyond doubt, it has a good effect not only on erectile function, but also the symptoms of the lower urinary tract in men, as a rule, decrease, which is undoubtedly a plus. synthroid in a dosage of 5 mg is not a drug on demand, taking it regularly, the patient is always "ready", which allows a man to live a full life without worrying about taking the drug on time - a magic pill.

I like the effect, I feel very cool now, knowing that everything is fine with potency. But the price of the drug is biting, straight from the word very much.

Due to the chronic fatigue and emzoanal stress with which my work is connected, I started to have an erection problem. An erection was not always, and if it was, it could disappear at the most inopportune moment. Earlier I tried Viagra, the effect seemed weak to me, the doctor recommended synthroid.

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Firstly, the continuation of sex from 15 minutes reached 45 minutes, and for another 3 days the effect did not go away (with any touch, even with a blanket when you touch it, it immediately made itself felt). Well, in general, I advise those who have problems with erection, but I already have no problems.